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This website shopping system is intended for domestic sale.  


International shipping is available.

We can ship world wide. International freight estimate is possible, please contact us.

Products of our store are made ​​in Japan with the exception of some products.Feel the traditional beauty with excellent high quality of Japan.




Low desk   低辦公桌 Hearth   爐邊 Chest of drawers  衣櫃

Solid wood table 實木桌子

Low desk   低辦公桌

Hearth   爐邊

Chest of drawers  衣櫃

Solid wood table 實木桌子
zaisu,low chair,legless chair

iko,clothes rack

mizuya cabinet,Cupboard,櫥櫃,

照明設備 Lighting equipment

 Legless chair 無腿椅

Clothes rack 衣架


Lighting equipment 照明設備

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